Our 2023 Specialty Act: Bert and Frannie Davis – Davis’ Muttley Crew 2022 “Top 5” PRCA Comedy Specialty Act of the Year Finalist

In Six Decades, Bert Davis, also known as “The Coppertown Clown,” has worn many hats being a Rodeo Entertainer; as a Rodeo Clown, Bullfighter, Barrelman, and Specialty Act. Bert and his wife, Frannie, have even stepped out of the arena and performed with Circuses, Stage Shows, “Extreme Dogs,” and “America’s Got Talent.” A Five Time and 2022 “Top 5” PRCA Comedy Specialty Act of the Year Finalist has performed in 45 States and 7 provinces of Canada and performed three times at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the first Comedy Specialty Act to perform an “Opening” at the NFR and numerous “Firsts” in Rodeo Accolades like the only one to perform at a Rodeo and Circus in the Anchorage Alaska in the same year.

Bert always considered himself a traditional Rodeo Clown with Specialty Animal Acts. Over the years, his troupe has included a trick horse, trick mule, trick pony, a llama, 5 Goats that did their version of the Davis’ Muttley Crew Act, and over 40 Dogs. In 1995, Bert understood that Rodeo Audiences were changing, and he always wanted to be audience friendly with greatness. So, he started working exclusively with Dogs. Everyone has one in their backyard, or in the house, and in bed with them at night.

Thought of as One of Rodeo’s Legendary Premiere Dog Trainers, Bert and Frannie, bring Dog Acts that are their own creations and have never been performed in Rodeo before. They travel with at least 15 Dogs all the time. Known as the “Kids” and “Grandkids.” Grammy and PawPaw are not far away. The “Kids” come from rescues, owner surrenders, shelters, strays, “Born to Perform”, and the “Paradise Poodle Sisters”. Every Dog we have owned has a story; it is on Facebook at Davis’ Muttley


Enjoy the Show and have a Tail Waggin’ Day.